Where to hide a GPS tracker on a car

Possessing a GPS tracking device has several benefits, including ease, security, efficiency, comfort, and happiness. Businesses and households alike may reap the benefits of this device’s inexpensive price, low maintenance requirements, and high efficiency.

With a car GPS tracker, you can rest easy knowing that you are always protected. Using a car tracker to accurately monitor the precise position of your vehicle is a great way to keep an eye on your driver’s actions and make them more accountable.

Vehicle GPS monitoring devices are being used daily by thousands of individuals. There are already markets worth billions of dollars. Nowadays, almost everyone who drives a car has some kind of tracking gadget. However many are still doubting the efficacy of the tracking gadget. So, in this article, we will go over the many advantages of a car tracker and where to put a GPS tracker in your vehicle.

Where can one find the optimal spots to put a GPS tracker into a vehicle?

We must address the most common question people have about their freshly purchased GPS monitoring device for cars: “Where should I put the GPS tracker?”

It is prudent to keep a GPS tracker hidden from prying eyes and away from any potential dangers. That is why there is a never-ending quest for the optimal positioning of vehicle trackers. If you want to put a GPS tracker in your automobile, we have some suggestions for you right here.

1. Control panel

A number of authorities have said that there are several uses for mounting a GPS tracker under the dashboard of a vehicle. To start, the GPS monitoring gadget will be discreet, making it harder to remove or tamper with.

Second, a vehicle tracker installed in the dashboard can function normally after it receives a strong signal from the satellite. Last but not least, the GPS tracker will remain operational for an extended period of time once it is removed from the elements.

2. Beneath the Table

If you wish to conceal your GPS tracker in your vehicle, you may put it under the seat. The tracking device may be hidden under the vehicle’s seat, so removing and replacing it is the only necessary step if you’re interested in this method. For the seat cover to be more covert, you might need to sew it.

Investigating the side cover and upholstery might help you find the ideal spot inside the seat to conceal your monitoring device. Sure enough, you’ll discover a spot that’s perfect for setting up the device. No one will be able to locate the gadget if you mount it on the sides.

3. Beneath the Motor

Underneath the vehicle is another great location for a vehicle tracker. To do that, though, you need to seek out magnetic GPS trackers that come with built-in magnets or a dedicated magnetic enclosure. Fast and easy gadget attachment to metallic surfaces is possible with the help of magnets.

The equipment must also be waterproof, which is an important consideration. The bottom of the vehicle becomes wet when it goes through a small water pit; this happens frequently. If this is the case, you may protect your device from water and dirt by using a tracker that is waterproof or one that is wrapped in waterproof material.

4. One or Two-Sided Bumper

Someone may have trouble imagining a vehicle tracker mounted on the bumper. All eyes are not equal. Because of its sheltered position within the network of cables, temperature, light, and other factors, it is an ideal location for concealing the GPS tracker. You might need to call a technician for assistance with this.

Like the front bumper, the back bumper features cables that might be used to hide a GPS tracker. Locating the vehicle tracker in the cable colony is no easy task.

5. Underneath Rugs

Submerge the tracker beneath the carpeting and conceal it between the seats. Isn’t this the perfect spot for your vehicle’s GPS tracker?

You may be creative and come up with a number of different locations for the device’s installation in addition to these. For instance, the idea that you may have stashed the gadget in the wheel well will go unbelieved. Next to the cylinder or in your toolbox, you may store the gadget.

Vehicle GPS tracker for families

If you’re in the market for a vehicle GPS tracker, the Family1st model is your best bet. Because of how little it is, it is simple to hide. The built-in 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities of the gadget guarantee that you will always be kept informed of your car’s whereabouts. You can get all the data you need using our GPS tracking unit’s easy-to-use software, which can be downloaded on any iOS or Android smartphone. Through the app, you can also configure your alert preferences and security settings. You may set up up to ten safety zones using our Geofencing tool, and we’ll let you know when your car goes into or out of those zones.

Portable GPS tracker for automobiles, with its SOS and position-sharing capabilities, might be a lifesaver in an emergency.

With the lowest subscription fee, our GPS tracker for automobiles is really reasonable. You are free to activate or deactivate the service whenever you like without any hidden fees or obligations. We provide customer help 24/7 through many channels since we realize that emergencies don’t care about the hour.

The Advantages of the First Portable Car Tracker for Families

1. Risk protection

Even if your driver disappears from view, you may still follow their last known position. Everyone in the vehicle, including the driver and passengers, will be safer thanks to this safety feature.

2. Increased serenity

You can always find out where your car is thanks to a car tracking device, even if your driver is out of cell range when they drop the kids off at school. Keeping yourself informed will help you feel more at ease.

3. Optimal Gas Mileage

The quickest and most cost-effective path may be found with the help of the GPS tracker. Following the quickest route can help you get the most gas out of your tank.

4. Vehicle Retrieval

Should the vehicle be stolen? You have a better chance of quickly recovering it if you use the tracking gadget to pinpoint its precise position. Thus, the frequency of theft and vandalism decreases.

5. Minimal insurance cost

For vehicles equipped with a tracking system, the premium is lower. On-board diagnostic tracking devices have grown in popularity. Insurance companies now recognize cautious drivers with incentives.

6. Alerts

You can reduce downtime and avoid mishaps in the case of a device failure thanks to the signals sent by the device.

7. Conduct of drivers

By keeping an eye on your driver, you may prevent them from engaging in risky driving behaviors.

8. Report generation

The gadget gives you a thorough and accurate report, so you won’t have to sort the data by hand. Every detail of the driving record, including the amount of time spent at each spot, the last place visited, and much more, will be readily available to you at all times.


A GPS tracker for cars provides an all-encompassing defense against a variety of dangers. Help your teen drive safely by going over the fundamentals with them, or use it to monitor the driving of an elderly relative. You can prevent your vehicle from being utilized for illicit or unauthorized activities with a strategically positioned GPS tracker.

The trick to getting the most out of your vehicle GPS tracker, though, is positioning it such that it doesn’t get interrupted while it’s working. The ideal locations for a GPS tracker in a vehicle have previously been covered. Post a comment below if you have any advice or recommendations. Enjoy tracking!

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