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At Google I/O 2017, Android Go, a new version of the operating system designed specifically for low-end devices, was unveiled. This new configuration, which updates Android to utilise less storage, memory, relationship, and CPU horsepower and operates on cheap mobiles, benefits all devices with less than 1 GB of RAM. The billions of consumers who use the cheapest all-purpose phones with little connection are the target audience for Android Go.

Due to the likelihood that many of these users are from non-English-speaking nations, bilingualism will be given more attention. In other words, the main objective of Google’s Android Go is to provide high-quality smartphones that are affordable for all consumers, regardless of their location or financial situation.

The major factor making this feasible is how reasonably priced the hardware that runs Android Go is. Also accessible from Google are a variety of Go applications, which give the same basic functionality as their normal counterparts but are better suited for older, less powerful devices. Take Google Go as an example, for instance. The user may do all actions found on a typical Google app, including online searches, voice searches, and other activities.

Leading 6 Android Go Apps

On Android Go devices, the majority of the applications are preinstalled. Additionally, these apps are available for Installation by any user with a smartphone of any sort. Let’s have a look at a few Go apps right now:

1. Google Go

Google Go is the new name for the programme that was originally released in 2017 as Google Search Lite. It is a small, low-data version of the Google app that includes all of the functions found in the regular app, including image sharing, voice search, and google search. The only significant difference between Google Go and the conventional Google app is that Google Go gives you more flexibility over the UI. The usage of features like news, movies, sports scores, and other functions may be simply enabled or disabled by users using this app. Additionally, Google Go’s pages load pretty quickly because to its light mode.

It is appropriate to say that it provides the finest features of the default Google app while minimising data use and app size.

2. Gmail Go

Gmail Go is a condensed version of the normal Gmail app that has all the same functionality. In addition, it allows multiple accounts and has new mail alerts, swipe motions, launcher shortcuts, and other features. Although there are a few small problems when scrolling, Google will likely address these in a future software update. People ask why the normal Gmail is larger in size when all of its features are so similar to those of the regular app. Gmail Go isn’t available as an open beta, thus the user must sideload the APK from APKMirror onto their smartphone.

3. Youtube Go

One of the original Go applications, YouTube Go was introduced in 2016. The usual YouTube is now available in a data-saving form. Users of this software may save videos to view them when they are offline. YouTube Go, as opposed to the conventional YouTube app, gives users greater control over offline videos by letting them choose the resolution they like and by providing a file size estimate prior to the video being uploaded.

The ability to share videos is just another way that YouTube Go outperforms the original YouTube app. Users may send films through Bluetooth to their nearest pals using this capability.

4. Google Maps Go

Even standard handsets might struggle to run the full version of Google Maps, so the company has to put a lot of effort into making its map programme operate on devices with minimal RAM. Despite this, Google managed to make it function on Android Go. The functionality of Google Map Go is quite similar to that of Google Map. Did you know that one of the tiniest Android Go uses is Google Maps Go? It just takes up a little under 1 MB!

Some essential functions were overlooked by this software, such as the absence of real-time GPS turn-by-turn navigation and the suggestion of taxis. Google Maps Go is still a fairly excellent replica despite this.

5. File Go

Your old photos, movies, and other digital objects that you may have easily forgotten about might eat up internal capacity on a mobile device after a while. Files Go can be used in this situation if you wish to regain that space.

Files Go offers a number of useful features, such as easy access to files that are no longer needed, an encrypted method of sharing files that doesn’t require an internet connection, and a search engine that can locate any image or video that a user is looking for. And all of this is 8.2 MB in size.

6. Assistant Go

Google Assistant, one of the most popular services, may be used to teach users how to go to work or provide information about the weather for the next day. All of these essential functions of the standard Google Assistant are available in Assistant Go, an optimised app that is only 5.0MB in size.

By pressing down the home button for a long time or clicking the app’s icon, users may launch Assistant Go. When it opens, customers may ask the assistant to send texts, make phone calls, or provide turn-by-turn directions.


Overall, I really like the concept behind Go applications. It is alluring to think about switching to these ultra-lite applications because they have almost all of the features of their normal equivalent.

Users with Android Go phones have the option to select compressed versions of standard apps in the Google Play Store. In order to provide a number of different lightweight versions of its apps, Google has also teamed up with other third parties.

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