Top 6 Alternatives to Stardock Fences to Keep Your Desktop Organised

Nobody enjoys a disorganised desktop and file system while attempting to find a desktop file. If you don’t have the time to manually organise the desktop, Stardock Fences is an excellent software for removing desktop clutter. Your desktop’s disorganised icons are organised by Stardock Fences. Fences groups your icons into containers. Double-clicking on any of the minimalist icons will make them all disappear; doing so will reveal them again.

You may also take screenshots of your desktop to examine the difference between it before and after cleaning. It creates desktop gateways that link many files together. For 30 days, fences are free to use; after that, they cost $9.99. Since there are numerous options available to you because it is a premium app, we have included a list of alternatives below.

The Top 6 Replacements for Stardock Fences

1. Easy Desktop iTop

A simple and cost-free desktop organiser is iTop Easy Desktop. By exerting flexible control over your Windows desktop, you may streamline your workspace to boost productivity.

2. Arrange Desktop Files

You may organise programmes, papers, photos, and other stuff with the help of iTop Easy Desktop by placing them into desk boxes of different categories. Your desktop icons are automatically organised into many boxes for convenience.

3. Chatbot iTop

You may utilise this potent chatbot whenever you need to because the most recent version of iTop Easy Desktop has the ChatAI function, which is connected with the ChatGPT database. There is no need to use a browser or make any accounts. Instead, you may just enter words into the desktop chatbot. Whether you’re having a difficult difficulty at work or a simple problem, ChatAI can assist you in finding answers to your concerns swiftly.

4. Construct a Folder Portal

Every folder on your computer is accessible to you with ease via the folder portal provided by iTop Easy Desktop. like a little File Explorer. It may include the complete directory of a desktop folder. Unlike custom boxes, you may open a certain folder on your desktop and get straight to its files. It offers a window that is directly connected to the hard drive and keeps data from piling up on the desktop.

5. Searching and Hiding Files Quickly

All icons will disappear if you click on a blank area twice. To see them all, double-click on any empty place on the desktop again. Additionally, you may utilise the hotkeys to more quickly find files on your computer than Windows Search, for your convenience.

6. Create a captivating desktop

You may change the desk boxes’ backgrounds and transparency using the customisation options in iTop Easy Desktop. The text font and tags may also be customised to meet your needs.

Places Nimi

You may organise your files and folders with the free desktop organiser Nimi Places, which has resizable containers. It’s a fantastic solution made specifically for folks who want to add many taskbars to their desktop to make it look and function better.

Using the components in the containers, which are shown as thumbnail icons, you can discover your files, programmes, and documents fast. Nimi Places also supports media files and gives you unrestricted access to an instant preview of your music and video. The programme keeps your desktop tidy and accessible.

In order to make the area more fascinating, you can also change the icons, add animations, and add a tonne of gorgeous things using some powerful customization tools. Additionally essential functions like file management, desktop customization, easy searching, etc. are included with Nimi Places.


Bins is a powerful Windows application that organises the taskbar’s programme icons. You may add an infinite number of programmes and customisation options to your taskbar thanks to this powerful solution. You may use this to control the order of the Windows taskbar.

You can immediately access all of its features and functions thanks to how much simpler and easier to use it is than all the other comparable alternatives.

The drag-and-drop interface of the software is its biggest feature, and you can personalise your desktop with a number of widgets, wallpapers, and other choices.


ViPad is a feature-rich tool designed exclusively for Windows desktops that can be used to organise and launch Windows desktop applications. With the use of this tool, you can easily manage all of your desktop objects, files, and folders and access the programmes, files, and directories with a single click.

You may arrange documents and programmes anyway you like by dragging and dropping them into other locations and grouping related programmes into separate tabs. It offers an almost endless amount of customization options, along with themes, backgrounds, and icons that elevate the experience above that of other programmes.

To use the fast search function, just start by typing the name of the programme you’re using to find any objects or folders. The ability of this solution to serve as a complete desktop replacement, enabling you to examine every element of your personalised desktop and utilise it to start programmes instead, is its most alluring feature.

Desktop Shelves

Another useful MacOS programme for desktop organisation is DesktopShelves. Thanks to its sophisticated file organisation architecture, your papers and data are always kept securely and are available.

Simply enter the folder and navigate to the settings box to enable the launch upon login option and check for updates. The best aspect is that it offers virtually endless customization options in addition to some brand-new tools and features that improve the aesthetic appeal of your screen. The drag-and-drop interface of DesktopShelves, in contrast to the majority of comparable solutions, makes it simple to quickly move your folders and files about the screen.

You also have the option of changing the shelf design to one that is superior to others. All of the files display on a shelf where they may be saved, organised by file size, name, and the data on which they were created or changed.


How much do Stardock Fences cost?

Stardock Fences’ basic edition may be bought once for $9.99, while its advanced edition can be bought once for $29.99.

Stardock also offers a subscription service that covers all updates and new software releases for $9.99 a year.

What options does Stardock offer?

There are several alternatives to Stardock, like iTop Easy Desktop, Nimi Places, ViPad, etc. Before choosing one of these possibilities, research each one because they each offer distinctive qualities.

What could be superior to Fences?

The chatbot, quick search, hidden box, etc. are just a few of the amazing features you can get with iTop Easy Desktop, which is a fantastic alternative and is free to use without requiring you to create an account.

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