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Threads vs. Twitter: 7 Significant Differences

The most recent and popular battle between the two tech behemoths is Threads VS Twitter. Oddly, none of these are prepared to withdraw. In relation to that, Mark Zuckerberg has thus far enjoyed the advantage. The sole cause was the phenomenal 100 million users that Threads attracted in just 5 days. The conflict between the two CEOs has been worse ever since.

Since Elon Musk took over, Twitter has generated controversy. When Elon Musk pulled out of a $44 billion Twitter takeover bid, Twitter first sued him. In the future, when Elon owns Twitter, he threatens to sue Threads for app infringement.

What Threads, a recently released software, has in common with Twitter is crucial to understand. Let’s look at Threads by Instagram first to learn how to achieve it.

Overview of Instagram’s Threads

In a nutshell, Threads is a microblogging platform similar to Twitter. Retweets are referred to as reposts, and threads are the equivalent of tweets. Given that Twitter competition was Threads’ major goal, the parallels are not unexpected.

Your current Instagram accounts may be used to transfer all of your data and credentials. Additionally, with just one swipe, you can follow everyone you know on Instagram. You may interact with all of your followers and publish topics, photographs, and videos. As a platform that emphasises language, it will coexist with Instagram.

Additionally, threads will operate with open social networks powered by Activity Pub, like Mastodon. This is a wonderful step to support Meta’s goal of integrating it into the metaverse.

An effective attempt to challenge Twitter is Thread. A excellent app has been made by Meta using its expertise in creating social media products and its current distribution of over a billion users.

Twitter vs. Instagram Threads: Key Features Comparison

User Interface

The UI of the Threads app is simple, with a black backdrop and white and grey text in the forefront. There is no light mode and a lot is going on in one thread. Because the microblogging platform has been developed over many years, Twitter has an edge in this situation.

Twitter has an advantage over the recently introduced Threads in terms of user interface. It would be critical to monitor Threads’ resilience.

App Design and Functionality

There are five tabs on the Threads app: home, search, post, activity (which includes all of your replies, mentions, and other alerts), and profile.

The home tab loads up rapidly with unwanted postings because it shows all topics, including those from accounts you don’t follow. You can follow the profiles that are displayed in the search tab.

Given that it provides a distinct tab for “For You” and “Following,” Twitter has an edge in this situation. Additionally, Twitter has other features that Trends does not offer, such as Spaces, Community, and Direct Messaging. Also, hashtags are not supported by Threads.

The lack of a separate option on your profile to confirm who you follow is another problem with Threads. You have a button that goes to another button where you may check your following, and vice versa. Also unknown to us is the design process. However, we appreciate that there is a separate link beneath your profile that shows your Threads and Replies.

Variations in the Character Limit, Content Features, and Rules

Twitter’s free version has a character restriction of 280, while a Twitter Blue membership allows for up to 25,000 characters. Threads damage Twitter where it hurts the most. The character count for posts in threads is capped at 500. Naturally, there is no rate cap on threads, so you may peruse as much stuff as you like.

The amount of videos that may be published to Twitter does not, however, seem to be limited. A free series premiere was recently offered by Apple via a single Tweet. The maximum video length on Threads is five minutes.

Similar to Twitter, threads let you mute and conceal certain phrases from your feed. You may ban and conceal accounts on Threads. The number of likes on your Instagram and Threads posts can also be hidden. Twitter does not have this functionality.

The Twitter Blue membership allows for the editing of tweets. This function is not present in Threads. Additionally, there is no commercial version that enables you to accomplish this. Additionally, Twitter Blue can help you with the text format, whereas Threads cannot. Your Threads account cannot be removed, just specific Threads. In order to accomplish this, you must also delete your Instagram account.

Sharing Tools on Twitter and Threads

Instagram allows for the simple sharing and cross-posting of thread links. Threads does not, however, provide direct messages as Twitter does. Additionally, hashtag sharing is not possible in threads.

Reposts function similarly to Twitter retweets. To share material from other accounts on your feed, both essentially serve the same goal. You may rapidly share links to content on other social media networks on both Twitter and Threads.

Verification of Profile

The coveted blue tick suddenly lost its exclusivity and was made available to everyone with Twitter Blue as a paid feature. Meta followed suit and launched a premium subscription service for verification. You will receive Threads verification and a unique page to access notifications from verified users as a result of doing this.


It’s hardly surprising that Zuckerberg received criticism when Threads were launched because privacy has always been Meta’s weak point. Since it promotes the transfer of data and credentials from another app (Instagram), which is prohibited by EU law, it is not available in the EU. Furthermore, Threads accesses more objects on your phone than Twitter, according to a quick look at App Store data.

Additionally, Twitter offers additional privacy safeguards, especially in terms of content limitations and banning.

If you have two-factor authentication activated on Instagram, you may safely log in to Threads. Although Twitter also offers two-factor authentication, SMS-based 2FA is only accessible with Twitter Blue.

Additionally, Threads is not presently using any advertising. They’ll start showing up in the coming days, and it’s doubtful that we’ll be able to stop them or reduce their impact. You may reduce advertising by up to 50% with Twitter Blue.


Twitter offers online compatibility, iPhone and Android applications, and both. You may use Twitter on any device as a consequence. On the other hand, there are presently just iOS and Android applications for Threads. On a web browser, threads cannot be directly accessed. However, we anticipate that the web app will be available shortly.

Should You Switch to Instagram Threads?

We think it’s premature to go from Twitter to Threads. Instead, we advise you to utilise these two platforms. This is due to the fact that a sizable amount of the Instagram audience is now accessible on Threads, and you don’t want to lose out on growing your Twitter following as well.

Before Threads can compete with Twitter as a microblogging network, there is still a long way to go. If Elon Musk’s acquisition had not been so harshly criticised and if Twitter Blue and the other limited features had not been added, would Meta still have a chance?

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