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The best way to find AI developers for your projects

Every year, interest in artificial intelligence technology increases. The sports clothing and accessories firm Under Armour is utilising IBM Watson in its MyFitnessPal sports app to enable its customers to obtain a more in-depth assessment of their physical health. Currently, this market is predicted to be worth $ 15 million, but by 2020, this number may approach $ 70 million.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, offers tremendous potential and future prospects for developers. However, in order to grasp new technologies, specific knowledge and abilities will be needed in addition to creativity and attention to detail.

An effective design tool is AI

Experienced developers are aware that understanding human behaviour is essential to meeting consumers’ needs. However, the solutions developed by designers could only be perfect for a specific group of individuals and at a specific moment. Artificial intelligence technologies have the potential to drastically alter this circumstance.

You can predict and satisfy the wants of various users thanks to AI.

Think about a bathroom mirror that adjusts its brightness according on stress levels or a learning robot that modifies a child’s curriculum based on their degree of interest and dissatisfaction. For each user, artificial intelligence can deliver the greatest possible experience.

The extent of AI

Artificial intelligence is progressively permeating many spheres of human endeavour, transforming standard software into intelligent systems:

  • healthcare and medicine. Computer systems assist to decode diagnostic data and maintain patient information. for instance, pictures of X-ray, tomography, ultrasound, and other medical devices.
    eCommerce retail sales. Relevant adverts from Google and Yandex are already widely known. Retailers may offer products and services that are in line with customer interests with its assistance.
  • The second presidential election was won by Barack Obama with the aid of sophisticated technology. The United States’ incumbent President at the time assembled the greatest data science team for his campaign. They determined the ideal day, location, and audience for Obama to address using the power of intelligent machines. Experts estimate that this provided a 10-12% edge.
  • Artificial intelligence is able to manage the load on equipment by analysing data from various industrial sectors. Additionally, intelligent robots are employed across several sectors to forecast demand.
  • Gaming industry and education. A lot of artificial intelligence is employed by game developers. The majority of states are increasingly integrating intelligent technology and robots into their educational systems.

The market is seeing a need for employing AI developers

According to a TechRepublic report, careers in AI such as data scientists, machine learning developers, research scientists, and others are among the most in-demand ones.

The current tendency is to employ AI developers. Experts in artificial intelligence will continue to be hired in the coming years. The market’s increasing need for AI development teams has numerous justifications. Below is a list of the main justifications for hiring AI developers.

Big data is growing fast, and processing it requires several software tools. So for many years to come, there will still be a need for AI developers.

All business sectors and industries that require a range of software solutions for process management have widely adopted the Internet of Things (IoT).

The automation sector has advanced significantly in recent years, necessitating complex software platforms and AI tools to create AI projects; as a result, this is where AI software developers are once again required.

Another significant factor encouraging the entry of AI developers into the market is AI-powered entertainment and gaming apps.

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