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The Best Way To Edit Your Instagram Videos

Instagram has over 2 billion active users each month, providing a sizable potential audience for your videos. Understanding the fundamentals of editing videos on Instagram is essential, whether you want to market your business, raise awareness for a cause, or simply have fun. Here are six suggestions to help you edit flawlessly.

1. Purchase top-notch video editing software

Some of the most well-liked video editing programmes include Movavi Video Editor, Open Shot, and Veed, which are simple to use yet have a lot of power and versatility. They include a variety of functions, like clipping and chopping, adding intros and outros, mixing films, making subtitles and titles, and more. The best video editing software is worth the additional money, whether you’re a pro or just want to stay competitive.

2. Decide on a look and stay with it.

The aesthetics of your Instagram page refers to its appearance and feel. Everything should match, including the tone and style as well as the colours, typefaces, and textures. Your videos should be more simplistic if the page is. Additionally, you may design unique styles for various playlists and television episodes.

Use the same colour palette and stick to the same format, for instance, if you’re filming a series of interviews. Use hip typefaces and fashionable filters to draw in a certain demographic, such as the young and hip.

3. Keep It Brief and Simple

Instagram’s maximum time for a reel is 60 seconds, whereas live videos may take up to 4 hours. Stories should last no more than 15 seconds. If you upload a video that is longer than 60 seconds, a preview clip will appear on your feed with a’more’ button encouraging viewers to see the entire video on the profile.

When editing, strive for videos that are no longer than 60 seconds. After a time, people often become impatient and scroll away. Additionally, be aware of your target market. Post more reels if you want to appeal to the broader population. Stories speak to your audience.

4. Remember the Music

By using background music, you may improve the content’s enjoyment while setting the mood. If you have the right licence, you can utilise music from a library or get it for free online. For social media videos, some sites provide music licences. How can one add music? Bring the media into the video editor, click “music” from the media menu, and then pick an audio track to include.

The music’s volume may be changed, and it can sync up with your movie. To have the music come on and go off gradually, choose the ‘fade’ option from the timeline. Make the music’s length compatible with the video as well.

5. Add captions and titles

Your viewers will grasp the information more clearly and find it more interesting if you add titles and captions to the videos. Titles can be used at the start of a video to build suspense or in the middle to deliver information.

Select the ‘text’ option in the media tab and edit it as necessary to add titles. The text, font, and more are all editable. Use the ‘caption’ option in the media tab to add captions to videos in a similar manner.

When deleting a specific section of the movie, splitting and trimming are useful tools. Click the “split” button after choosing the location of the divide. Drag the video block’s boundaries on the timeline to cut away any extraneous material. The best thing is that you may adjust the length of the videos using the split and trim options.

6. Improve for Mobile

Mobile-friendly videos are given priority by Instagram’s algorithms. Use the video editor’s’mobile-optimized’ option. The quality and video size are automatically changed to accommodate mobile devices. Use the “flash” option as well to cut back on mobile data use.

Utilising vertical videos, which are more likely to show up in people’s feeds, is another suggestion. The’vertical videos’ function on Instagram lets you automatically change the size and resolution of horizontal videos to meet the vertical aspect ratio. Before posting, preview the video on mobile devices once you’ve finished editing to make sure everything appears good.

Final Reflections

Utilising the appropriate tools makes editing Instagram videos a simple affair. You’ll rapidly take care of a lot of things to produce a fantastic film, from picking the correct music to adding subtitles, titles, and filters. If this is your first time editing videos, start out simple and pick things up along the way.

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