Motorola introduces a wrist wrapping smartphone

Motorola, a company owned by Lenovo, unveiled a prototype phone display that encircles your wrist.

The gadget, which Motorola introduced on Tuesday and calls an adaptable display, is meant to demonstrate the potential uses for flexible screens in phones in the future.

According to the manufacturer, you may “bend and shape the screen into different forms” based on your preferences.

Its 6.9-inch screen, when flat, may be utilised with the full Android experience, exactly like a regular phone. It may be changed to different stand modes from there.

With its 4.6-inch display in the upright posture, for example, it provides a “more compact form of full Android.” Motorola wants users to be able to make video calls while standing up. As an alternative, Motorola claims you may simulate using the Razr Plus’s cover screen by wrapping the gadget around your wrist.

As of right now, the phone is still only a concept, so we don’t even know the price or when it will be made available.

There are other curved phones out there besides Motorola’s latest idea. At its Tech World event in 2016, Lenovo, the company that controls Motorola, unveiled a different idea for a phone that could be worn around the wrist.

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