How to use a selfie stick

If you want to capture unforgettable moments from your vacation, breathtaking scenery, or fun times with friends, a selfie stick is the way to go. It may take some time and instruction, but even a beginner can master the usage of a selfie stick.

Take selfies wirelessly using a selfie stick

1. Use Bluetooth pairing to link your new selfie stick to your mobile device.

Locate the selfie stick by going to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device or camera. Pairing the selfie stick with your phone or camera is as easy as seeing its name. While linking via Bluetooth won’t magically enhance picture quality, it does eliminate the need for cords and wires, which is a major convenience.

Find the name of the selfie stick in the instructions if you’re not familiar with it.

Turn off both devices for five minutes to see if it helps pair them. Switch them on and give pairing another go.

2. Use the Bluetooth wire to link the phone to the selfie stick

The selfie stick you receive will be accompanied by a brief Bluetooth cord. Connect your selfie stick to your phone using one end of the cord and your device using the other. While using a Bluetooth cord won’t magically improve your images’ quality, it is a good option for those who wish to stay away from wireless connection problems. In order to charge your phone, insert the power cord into the headphone port.

3. Snap a photo by connecting your device to the selfie stick and then pressing the shutter button

Make sure your smartphone is securely fastened between the top and bottom of the phone holder before placing it in the selfie stick’s end. The selfie stick has a circular shutter button that you may use to snap pictures.

There’s no need to remove the case in order to install the device. To begin shooting, just wrap the phone holder around the cover.

Detachable phone supports are not available on all selfie sticks. Before you buy a selfie stick, see whether it has a removable phone holder. This will give you the option to attach your digital camera to the tip of the stick.

Find a selfie stick that doesn’t need Bluetooth

Fasten the gadget securely to the phone mount and then fasten it to the selfie stick. Take the phone holder and extend its top and bottom edges. Gently nestle the phone in between the two of them. It is imperative that you secure your mobile phone in the designated holder.

To use the selfie stick with your phone, you won’t even need to take off the case. Squeeze the phone holder firmly around the cover.

A lot of selfie sticks come with phone holders that you may remove. Instead of using a stand, you may get a selfie stick with a removable phone stand if you prefer to attach your digital camera to the end of the stick.

Get the stick to the desired length and angle. Let the stick go as far as it can go. The phone stand’s angle is also adjustable. Set a timer for the shot once you’ve decided on your ideal location, if at all possible.

Get ready by setting your device’s camera timer to 5 seconds. The timer may be set using your device’s camera app. A picture app with a timer is also available for download. Get into position, strike a stance, and the shutter will click!

Check out some of the many selfie stick-compatible camera applications. There are a plethora of camera applications designed just for the selfie stick, so you may enhance your photos with various filters and effects or simply try something different from the default camera software.

Here are five ways to improve your selfies with a selfie stick

When documenting a co-hosted event or outdoor excursion, keep these important points in mind for taking great pictures with your selfie stick:

1. Lights

Proper lighting is the foundation of a high-quality photograph. Take care not to cast shadows or too much light on your face while using a selfie stick. For outdoor portraiture, cloudy days are ideal since they throw a natural light diffuser, making for the most flattering, gentle illumination of the subject’s features. If you want to get greater light, don’t be shy about turning or facing the sun.

2: Shine the lenses

Before you begin snapping selfies using a selfie stick, wipe out the lens of your camera. Smudges and fingerprints destroy an otherwise great composition, which is the most annoying thing that can happen.

3. The correct angle

To get the most out of a selfie stick, you need to know your angles. By allowing you to photograph from a greater height, selfie sticks can enhance perspectives. This makes portrait photos seem better by removing shadows and adding contrast. Getting good at angles also entails figuring out where to put your selfie stick. You might try moving the camera to the side or back to make the stick less noticeable.

4. Be aware of your environment.

The widespread availability of selfie sticks has encouraged many to hone their photography abilities. Before utilizing a selfie stick, be sure you’re in a safe area. Before you go out and buy a selfie stick, check the local regulations to make sure they allow them and keep an eye out for other people to avoid inadvertently bumping into them.

5. Think beyond the box

Using a selfie stick gives you so much more freedom to express yourself in your photos, which is its biggest advantage. For more exciting action photographs, try utilizing a selfie stick. Selfie sticks have many more uses besides taking selfies. Changing your angle of view is as easy as turning the camera and grabbing the selfie stick.


Keeping these basic guidelines in mind the next time you and your friends decide to get out and take some images to share on social media can help you take far better selfies with a selfie stick.


Can you explain how to use the selfie stick button?

Taking pictures and films is as easy as pressing the stick’s camera button. While there is a workaround for this problem in Android devices’ settings, the main drawback of utilizing a cable is that your phone will not be able to record sound when the 3.5mm socket is in use.

When would you use a selfie stick?

Selfie sticks allow users to extend the reach of their digital cameras—usually smartphones—beyond the normal range of their arms, allowing for the capture of both still images and moving video. This paves the way for images to be taken from greater distances and angles than could have been achieved with just the human arm.

What is the ideal length for a selfie stick?

Most selfie sticks have buttons that allow you to manage your phone’s camera; their average length is 20 to 30 inches.

The selfie stick, is it still in vogue?

Even though selfie sticks aren’t as common as they once were, it would be great to be able to take selfies without using your hands every now and again.

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