How to Sign Up at Foodpanda

Making an internet restaurant that delivers meals is no longer difficult. With the help of foodpanda, you can easily begin your food business and make it profitable. So, read about what to do if you consider registering your foodpanda business. The topic of this post is how to sign up for foodpanda.

Foodpanda has improved its services so that customers can rapidly acquire meals at home as a result of the epidemic spreading and becoming Pakistan’s most popular online food delivery business. In addition, due of the collaboration with well-known food retailers and small food businesses, it became the preferred option for many individuals to purchase food online.

Complete instructions on how to sign up for Foodpanda

Online food supply platforms have made life simple for buyers and sellers. Restaurant prices have dropped, but so have their personnel needs. As a consequence, people may open a restaurant that delivers food online with little space and money. The steps for adding your food panda restaurants are listed below.

  • Visit foodpanda’s official website.
  • When landing there by select “Sign up instantly.”
  • After clicking it, a form appears on your screen.
  • Complete the form with all the necessary details, including your name, city, cuisine preference, etc.
  • Once you’ve filled out the entire form, upload the restaurant’s menu.
  • When the menu has been uploaded, click “Submit Form”.
  • After sending the form, you have to wait for foodpanda’s clearance.

After Approval

Foodpanda will provide you with a plan as soon as the approval procedure is complete. You should thoroughly study the contract before signing it if you have no problems. After you sign the contract, you will receive a sample of the menu, tablets, and training from foodpanda. Following the training, your restaurant is made active on foodpanda.

How to use Foodpanda

Giving restaurant owners precise success information on a monthly basis.

There, you got it! It’s similar to signing up for FoodPanda. If you have any other queries, kindly post them in the comment box and keep reading this page.

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