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How to get local channels without antenna on Smart TV

Is the exorbitant cost of cable TV a burden for you? You probably aren’t the only one. These days, it seems that no one wants to use an antenna anymore, even though most people still want to see their local stations. The truth of the matter is that this is well within the realm of possibility. The way we watch television is only one example of how contemporary technology is changing our lives. At this point in time, an antenna is no longer necessary to watch television from the convenience of your own house.

Many people have found this method to be a great way to save money, especially considering how expensive cable TV bills can be. You may view all your favorite shows without a cable subscription if you have a reliable internet connection at home. This article will examine the topic of how to see local stations without an antenna in further detail, among other things.

How to Get Local Channels without Antenna?

You may still see your favorite local shows even without an antenna, as we said before. At this time, streaming is a viable option that provides all the excitement. Several methods exist that can help you accomplish your goal without a hitch:

1. View Your Local Channels Online

Currently, the majority of television networks upload the majority of their programs on their websites. Typically, these programs’ websites will give you a sneak peek. The majority of their programs are available here at no cost to you. Having a reliable home internet connection is all that’s required. It is possible to use a tablet, desktop, or laptop in place of a smart TV on occasion.

All these shows will be available to you online in this way. Keeping this in mind, you may spare a few minutes to visit the websites of the networks you usually watch to find out if these shows are available online. Typically, these shows shouldn’t cost you a dime to watch. You may indulge in this opulence on several television networks, such as ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, etc.

2. Get the Apps from the Big Network

The official apps of most broadcasting networks usually allow you to view all of your favorite shows on the go. A wide variety of programming, including live events broadcast on their associated local stations, are available for your viewing pleasure here.

The great thing is that you may get a wide variety of channels’ programming by simply installing them on your mobile devices. The CW Channel, ABC Channel, CBS Channel All Access, The NBC Channel app, and many more are examples of popular official applications belonging to prominent television networks.

3. On-Demand Hulu

Hulu is an on-demand service that offers a variety of drama and comedy shows for streaming, in addition to the ways stated before. One day after they air live, episodes of numerous network TV series become more accessible through this service.

You may have faith that these episodes will be enjoyable to watch for only $5.99 per month when it comes to the payment plan. Having said that, live TV will not be available to you. Hulu Live TV Channel is an additional paid service that is needed to watch live TV.

In most cases, using Hulu’s on-demand service, you may access the streaming library and watch almost all of your favorite programs’ new episodes. Even better, you’ll have the option to view previous episodes of the series that you might enjoy.

4. Fubo Vue

If you want to watch your favorite shows without breaking the budget, this is another kind of live TV streaming service that you may use. There are a ton of channels available here, including CBS, FOX, NBC, and many more. Popular sports networks like BTN, FS1, NBCSN, and many more may be available through their TV streaming services.

Fortunately, Fubo TV now has more stations to choose from. Just look into the channels that are available where you are. Even better, you may see what they have to offer during their trial period.

5. Prime Video on Amazon

Consider Amazon Prime Video if you’re sick of paying exorbitant monthly fees for cable TV. You must create an account on the Amazon website in order to use the Prime Video service, though. Thousands of channels are available for streaming here. You may enjoy a plethora of channels and entertainment without leaving your house for as low as $12.99 a month. The cost of this platform is lower than that of a cable connection.

Once you pay the $119 yearly fee, you will automatically become a premier member. You can watch all of your favorite channels online without having to buy dedicated streaming equipment. A legitimate account and the subscription fees are all that’s required. After that, an unlimited number of channels will be at your fingertips.

6. Sling TV

In addition to the techniques already described, Sling TV now offers the option to live stream several channels. With the First Orange options, you can watch 30 live TV shows for as little as $20 a month.

This subscription isn’t the only one available; for an additional $25 per month, you may get over 30 local channels. The Blue plan is the name given to this strategy. Sling TV has, on the whole, been an excellent substitute for traditional antenna TV.

7. Netflix

From the convenience of your own home, you can watch all of your favorite shows and movies on Netflix. There is a great likelihood that you will find a channel that suits your tastes among the many available.

You must register for this site, though, if you wish to see these channels. You can easily get Netflix into your house for as low as $7.99. The bright side is that this service may be shared by two people.

Consider upgrading to a premium membership if you want access to even more channels. In reality, the monthly fee for this channel is $13.99 USD. With this plan, you’ll have the freedom to customize how many users you want.

8. Think About YouTube

When most people want to see a new documentary or movie, they usually go to this site. But the fact is that this platform now has specialized channels for every major network with local stations. So, to view the most recent videos, just go to this site online. The only thing you have to do is subscribe to the YouTube channel of your local station. After that, you may receive new episodes and shows as soon as they are posted.

9. Take a look at Locast

Local networks including CBS, Fox, and ABC may be streamed for free through this non-profit service. Having said that, right now it’s limited to just 25 US markets. Boston, Dallas, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. are among the cities that provide these services.

If you’re proficient with Locast, you can easily cast it to your TV with a device that supports it, such as Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Even better, you can use your phone’s app store to broadcast with the Locast app.

10. Primetime

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, is a streaming service with monthly plans starting at $5.99. Watch all your favorite shoe videos here with minimal ads. Just pay $9.99 a month and you’ll be ready to go if you prefer commercial-free streaming.

Signing up for their yearly plan will allow you to save 15% of the entire cost, which is worth considering if you want to save more on these programs. Even better, students have the opportunity to save up to 25%.

The great news is that Paramount+ is now compatible with all devices, including tablets and laptops. In addition to Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and a plethora of other streaming devices are compatible with this service.

11. Password Sharing

The vast majority of online TV streaming services permit you to run two streams in parallel. One example is PlayStation Vue, which supports up to five streams at once. By doing so, you may let your buddy view the same TV streaming service that you have access to.

More amazingly, you may still use the account of someone you know who has a cable TV subscription to use the company’s mobile TV services. Your favorite TV series will always be available to view on your mobile device, thanks to this app. To proceed, simply input the correct cable account information.

How to Setup Local Channels without an Antenna?

Live streaming has made it possible to view local stations without an antenna, as we indicated earlier. There are a few requirements before you can start streaming these channels. Among them are:

  1. Quick and reliable internet access.
  2. Streaming gadget.
  3. Smart TV.
  4. All the way up to a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

In the absence of an antenna, you can set up local channels by following these steps:

  1. Putting your TV on and connecting it to an electrical outlet is the initial step.
  2. After that, make sure your streaming device is linked to your TV through an HDMI port before plugging it in.
  3. When prompted, follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Link up the streaming gadget with the web.
  5. You may access your home Wi-Fi network after you’ve linked the streaming device to the internet. You can rest assured that gadgets like the Google Chromecast Ultra and the Amazon Fire TV Stick will have no trouble connecting to the internet over an Ethernet wire. You may rest assured that your streams will experience little to no buffering when you use an Ethernet connection.
  6. Get going on the local stations you love. Keep in mind that most Smart TVs already have popular streaming services like Hulu or Netflix installed. On the other hand, your streaming device could already have them installed.

Even if you don’t own a Smart TV, you can still view local channels on your mobile device. Your best bet is to utilize a laptop and access YouTube; from there, you may search for your local station to watch them live online.

You should subscribe and start watching these channels as soon as you locate them. First and foremost, make sure you have a reliable internet connection; otherwise, the video quality you see online may suffer.


Without an antenna, how can I receive free-to-air channels?

Right now, there are a lot of options for watching free-to-air channels that don’t use an antenna. Among these methods is making use of free live TV applications like Kodi and Plex. There are a lot of great free video programs out there; some examples are YouTube, Twitch, Pluto TV, Haystack TV, Vimeo, and many more.

What is the process for adding local channels to my smart TV?

Apps like Netflix, YouTube, and live TV have made it possible to stream local channels directly to your smart TV. In addition to this, services like Hulu TV, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime Video allow you to view these channels.

Without an aerial, how can I view live television?

Live TV applications like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and Fubo TV have made it possible to watch live TV without an antenna. You can watch anything online as long as you have a reliable internet connection and a streaming device.

Can local channels be received by a smart TV without an antenna?

No. You may ditch the antenna altogether with a Smart TV because it has internet TV service capabilities. Services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more will be available to you here.


Truly, a lot has changed. Streaming services have made it possible to watch local broadcast channels without the need for an antenna, so you may enjoy your favorite shows without leaving your house. Actually, everyone planning to go wireless would benefit from this. Everything should work fine provided you have a reliable internet connection. Optimal enjoyment may be yours with the purchase of a Smart TV. Here you may enjoy a wide variety of streaming media, including live TV, Netflix, YouTube, and more.

You may still access your local channels online using a smartphone, in addition to the Smart TV. Taking these suggestions into account will make your life easier and help you save money on your cable TV subscription.

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