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How to Edit Your Username on Threads

Threads, a new Instagram app, is made to compete with Twitter. If you’ve already registered and been following your favourite makers and friends on Threads, you might be wondering how to modify your username. Although it’s not as simple as you may imagine, the method is definitely feasible. Here is a step-by-step instruction sheet for doing it.

Instagram and Threads are related

Your Instagram account is used to log into Threads, which has a direct connection to Instagram. Your username and other basic information are therefore exchanged between Instagram and Threads. So, in order to change your username on Threads, you must first change it on Instagram.

Changing Your Instagram Username

Follow these procedures to alter your Instagram username:

  1. Open the Instagram app, then touch on the symbol for your profile.
  2. ‘Edit Profile’ can be tapped.
  3. Enter your chosen username by tapping in the “Username” section.
  4. Click “Done.”

Your Instagram username will immediately update in the Threads app as you change it. Visit your profile in the Threads app to confirm this.

Editing other threads’ profile information

The Threads app does not allow you to directly modify your username, but you may edit other personal information. You may choose to make your Threads profile public or private, and this also applies to your Threads Bio and Links. Simply touch on your profile icon in the Threads app, then press ‘Edit Profile’ to make these changes. You may quickly edit your bio from this point and add links to your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have numerous accounts on Threads?

For each of your Instagram profiles, you may have a Threads account. You may thus make a Threads account for each of your Instagram profiles if you have more than one, if you so like.

How do I remove my account on Threads?

You can use the website’s comprehensive, linked tutorial to remove your Threads account.

Changing your Instagram username also includes changing it on Threads. Although it can seem like an unnecessary step, doing so guarantees uniformity between the two platforms.

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