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How to Create Your Spotify Top Ten New Generation Art

Today, there are several methods and third-party programmes available for converting our Spotify data into incredible works of art. Before, we could just check our Spotify numbers.

And now, thanks to programmes like Receiptify and Spotify Iceberg, we can experience our favourite artists, top tracks, genres, and more in a lovely way. We can now use our Spotify data to produce sophisticated and beautiful art thanks to a recent trend.

So stop searching for information on how to create appealing art using your Spotify likes. Learn how to use n-gen Art to produce your Spotify top 10 art in the following paragraphs.

How to Use N-Gen to Create Art for Your Spotify Top 10

You may use any of the various templates to produce brilliant art after linking your Spotify account to the n-gen art platform. Without further ado, here’s how to add 10 N-Gen artists to your Spotify top 10 list:

  1. Go to the n-gen website and choose the Create With Spotify option first.
  2. To turn your data collection into stunning art, you will now be prompted to sign into your Spotify account. Therefore, connect your account by logging in with the necessary data.
  3. N-gen-art will ask for access to your Spotify account information when you log in. To advance to the following step, click the Agree button.
  4. You won’t need to register a new N-gen account because you are currently logged in as a guest. You are welcome to use your data to create a gallery. Otherwise, select the Create Now option under the information of your Spotify account.
  5. You may now start creating own n-gen art using your favourite Spotify categories and tracks. Choose one of their four distinct templates to start designing. Select one of the two art-based templates that are currently offered from the list of templates.
  6. Your one-of-a-kind top 10 artwork will be created immediately after selecting a template.
  7. Under the art tab, you may name your flowers, save your Spotify top 10 new generation artwork, share your artwork, and much more.

Top Ten n-Generation Art Tracks on Spotify for Customization

You may tailor Spotify’s top 10 to suit your tastes by using the website’s features.
For instance, you may change the viewpoint, the background colour, and other elements while using the bloom style.

Making your choice from a number of data sources will allow you to create further forms of art. With only one click and n-gen, you may create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


What are the names of my top 10 Spotify artists?

See our article on how to access your Spotify data to learn who your top 10 artists are.

Who is the most well-known musician on Spotify?

The most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify as of August 2023 is the Canadian rapper Drake, while the most-streamed female artist is the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s music.

How can you sign up to be a verified Spotify user?

Apply for the blue checkmark through the Spotify for Artists programme to get your Spotify account verified. Complete the required fields, then wait for the official response.

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