Explain the role of a digital copywriter?

A digital copywriter creates content for digital platforms, is likely your response. Right? Yes, you’re correct, however if you provide this kind of response on a test or exam, you’ll only receive one out of five marks. A digital copywriter has to know and do a lot more than that.

A thorough knowledge of the digital space

A digital copywriter must understand the digital world completely and out, just as traditional copywriters must be familiar with the copywriting concepts pioneered by legends like David Ogilvy. For instance, a digital copywriter will need to understand how to display material on websites so that it can be readily read and digested on both mobile and desktop screens as more and more people consume content on their mobile phones.

The digital copywriter must be familiar with the “responsive design” approaches. With this style of website design, a site is built designed such that its features and content automatically resize to match the screen size being used to view it. To prevent images from becoming wider than the screen, use responsive design. In addition, it is in charge of preventing visitors using mobile devices from having to put in extra effort to view your material.

Stopping the unnecessary resizing, reading, zooming, or panning that takes place on websites that aren’t mobile-friendly is the primary goal of responsive design. Navigating these websites may be really difficult a lot of the time. Without an adaptable website, you can even lose out on potential clients who become upset trying to figure out how to accomplish things.

The earlier requirement to create a specific mobile website for users of smart devices is also replaced by responsive website design. Now it is feasible to create only one website that automatically adjusts up or down to accommodate the device it is being viewed on, as opposed to developing several websites for various screen sizes.

Creating SEO-friendly copy

Making SEO-optimized text is a crucial component of being a digital copywriter. This implies that the text that this kind of copywriter creates is crucial in helping people locate a company’s website since it contains certain keywords related to that particular company’s area of business.

Key phrase types include:

  • Customer-defining keywords,
  • Geo-targeting keywords,
  • LSI keywords,¬†
  • Short-tail and long-tail keywords,
  • Short-term fresh and long-term evergreen keywords
  • Targeted using intent keywords

You need to produce articles and website material, but they shouldn’t be overstuffed with these kinds of keywords. In order to artificially boost a page’s rating in search results and attract traffic to the website, “keyword stuffing” is the practise of inserting many keywords into Web content as well as meta tags.

A thorough knowledge of a company’s consumers

In order to write for the right audience and have them respond appropriately, a digital copywriter has to have a thorough awareness of who the company’s digital consumers are. Creating a buyer persona might be quite helpful in this activity. A semi-fictional representation of your ideal client is known as a “buyer persona.” This portrayal is supported by data from actual consumers who have made purchases from your company as well as market research.

When developing your buyer persona(s), take into account the following factors:

  • Customer characteristics
  • Behaviour patterns
  • Motives¬†and objectives

The better this is for you, the more specific you may be.

Buyer personas are in charge of giving your digital copywriting a tonne of structure and intelligence. A thorough buyer persona will enable you to:

  • Decide where to concentrate your efforts.
  • Product development is guided, and alignment throughout the enterprise is permitted.
  • This implies that you will be able to draw the most worthwhile clients, leads, and consumers to your company.

The process of writing for the web may appear complex. However, for someone who is enthusiastic about it, it is a tremendously fulfilling vocation.

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