Avatar support on video calls might be available on WhatsApp

According to reports, the messaging programme WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is testing the new beta version of Android, which has the new Video Avatar Calling feature.

In essence, this means that your WhatsApp Avatar will be accessible during video calls, which will make the experience more enjoyable.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp added the ability to send and create avatars for more engaging interactions with individuals.

Using an avatar won’t stop video calls from using end-to-end encryption, protecting your security and privacy. But keep in mind that Meta uses some data to enhance the avatar experience.

WhatsApp was discovered working on avatar reactions for Status updates in addition to avatar support for video calls. Once WhatsApp’s purported Meta Quest support launches, these avatar-related adjustments may be beneficial.

On Instagram and Messenger, you may already make video calls while using your avatar. The option to utilise an avatar during video calls would be another feature that all three messaging services have in common. On video calls with Zoom, you can also use an animated avatar.

Currently, you can conduct a group WhatsApp video conference with up to 32 individuals, but you can only start the call with 15 people at once.

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