Apple will soon fix the iPhone 15 overheating issue

Apple has acknowledged the iPhone 15’s overheating problem and has begun to attribute some of the concerns to third-party software.

Apple, the maker of technologically advanced phones, reported that a few faults have been found that might make the iPhone run warmer than normal. However, there are many things happening in the background, such as an iCloud backup from an old phone or software installation, therefore it is totally typical for the new models of iPhones to grow hot within the first 24 hours.

Software, in Apple’s opinion, is the second line of protection against the heat issue. “We have also found a bug in iOS 17 that is affecting some customers, and it will be fixed through a subsequent software update,” the firm stated.

The specifics of this problem are still unknown, though.

The business said that an Apple team is working with the designers of these third-party applications to fix the bugs. Another problem includes certain recent changes to independent programmes that are overtaxing the system, according to Apple.

Instagram, a popular third-party software for sharing photos, is a prime example. According to reports, it not only causes the iPhone to overheat but also causes a considerable battery loss over short periods of time.

In a test, the YouTube influencers found that using the third-party app Instagram might cause the gadget to overheat for up to 10 minutes at a time.

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